pro dermaplaning

skin condition

Balanced to mature or prematurely-aging skin.


One of the most comprehensive exfoliations of any dermaplaning treatment. This treatment combines customized mechanical and chemical exfoliation techniques – utilizing chemical resurfacing and professional serums to precisely target skin concerns.


  • Smooths skin
  • Helps remove hyperpigmented dead skin cells

featured professional products

  • PreCleanse
  • Pro Restore
  • Light Energy Masque

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how it works

1. Mechanical resurfacing: dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is performed using PreCleanse to optimize treatment control.

2. Chemical resurfacing: professional exfoliant

A chemical resurfacing is performed. As dead skin cells have been removed in the previous phase, the resurfacing is more effective.

3. Infusion: professional serum

Professional serums and masques are applied to nourish skin and infuse targeted actives. Red light therapy is recommended.

treatment protocol

double cleanse

1. Apply PreCleanse.
2. Perform Face Mapping skin analysis.
3. Use a skin-specific cleanser.


1. Optional: Apply thin layer of Pro Restore and allow to absorb.
2. Prep the skin with Post Extraction Solution or One-Step Prep.
3. Apply a thin layer of PreCleanse prior to Dermaplaning.

dermaplaning + resurfacing

  1. Apply gloves and perform Dermaplaning.
  2. After Dermaplaning, if the skin can tolerate further exfoliation, apply Daily Milkfoliant.
    • Power Up: Apply Exfoliant Accelerator 35 for a few minutes and remove with double cleanse.
    • Power Down: Omit resurfacing after Dermaplaning.

deep treatment

  1. Apply Pro Restore or Hyaluronic Acid IonActive Serum or PowerBright IonActive Serum based on client’s skin concerns.
  2. Follow with Light Energy Masque or Colloidal Masque Base.
    • Modality option: Use red LED over serum and masque.

dermal layering

1. Apply skin-specific toner.
2. Apply Pro Restore.
3. Finish with a skin specific moisturizer and Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30.

pro dermaplaning treatment chart

click here to download: Pro Dermaplaning Treatment Chart