pro nanoinfusion

skin condition

Normal to mature or prematurely-aging skin.


This 60-minute treatment uses innovative techniques and professional-grade actives to instantly help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the complexion, and smooth the appearance of skin.


  • Brightens complexion
  • Diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Refines the look of pores

featured professional products

  • Pro Power Peel
  • BioLumin-C Pro Serum
  • PowerBright IonActive Serum
  • Pro Restore

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how it works

Pro NanoInfusion utilizes a unique approach including up to two opportunities to use
the tool to accelerate resurfacing and enhance professional serum application during

1. Resurfacing

Professional serums are used with the Dermalogica Nanoneedling technique.

2. Deep Treatment

Customized professional serums are applied with Dermalogica Nanoneedling Technique, followed by the application of the skin-specific professional masque.

3. Recovery

In-treatment recovery along with home care.

Recommended: schedule a series of 3-5 Pro Nanoneedling treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart.

treatment protocol

double cleanse

1. PreCleanse
2. Perform Face Mapping
3. Apply skin-specific cleanser for second cleanse


  1. Select professional exfoliant. Apply and remove as directed.
  2. Apply professional serum.
  3. Perform Nanoneedling over professional serum by following the Dermalogica Nanoneedling Technique. Adjust nano-tip length per area and skin’s tolerance.
  4. Remove professional serum with damp esthetic wipes or cotton.
    • Power Up Advanced option: Perform Nanoneedling over selected exfoliant instead of over professional serum. Remove exfoliant as directed.


1. Apply Multi-Active Scaling Gel to areas of congestion.
2. Proceed with Dermalogica Extraction Technique.
3. Rinse skin with damp sponges or cotton.
4. Apply Post Extraction Solution.

deep treatment

  1. Apply skin-specific professional serum.
  2. Perform Nanoneedling over the professional serum before applying the masque.
  3. Follow with an application of the appropriate professional masque for 10 minutes. Remove it with a warm steam towel.
    • Pro Tip: Perform scalp or neck and shoulder touch therapy while the masque is on. Or use LED light therapy over a clear masque.

dermal layering

1. Spritz skin with toner.
2. Apply an eye treatment and skinspecific moisturizer.
3. Finish with Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30.

pro nanoinfusion treatment chart

click to download: Pro NanoInfusion Service Chart