pro clear

skin condition

Breakout-prone skin.


This thorough, clearing skin treatment targets all types of breakouts. Whether skin is congested with blackheads or active breakouts, Pro Clear is the answer. This professional skin treatment helps clear and calm skin’s congestion and post-breakout inflammation using professional-grade actives and skin soothing techniques.


  • Helps clear breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads
  • Calms skin and visibly reduces inflammation
  • Balances and hydrates, without added shine

featured professional products

  • PowerClear Peel
  • Multi-Active Scaling Gel
  • Niacinamide IonActive Serum

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how it works

1. Skin softening

A powerful exfoliation complex targets blemishes, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and redness.

2. Clearing extractions

Manual extractions can remove blackheads and whiteheads. Extractions with an ultrasonic spatula removes dead skin and comedones.

3. Calm + treat

Professional serums, masques, and light therapy help reduce inflammation and regulate P. acnes bacteria. Skin is brought to a calmer state.

treatment protocol

double cleanse

  1. PreCleanse
  2. Perform Face Mapping
  3. Skin specific cleanser
    • Congested: Active Clay Cleanser
    • Inflamed: UltraCalming Cleanser

Modality Option: Ultrasonic brush or spatula for deeper cleanse. Avoid on inflamed skin.


  1. Apply Multi-Active Scaling Gel to areas of congestion
  2. Proceed with Dermalogica Extraction Technique
  3. Rinse skin with warm sponges or
  4. Apply Post Extraction Solution
    • Congested: MultiActive Scaling Gel penetrate with microcurrent and use with extractions. Direct High Frequency over dry skin and dry gauze before Post Extraction Solution.
    • Inflamed: Omit extractions. Option to use Direct High Frequency with dry gauze over breakouts for additional healing.

Modality Options: Microcurrent, Direct High Frequency


  1. Apply One Step Prep or Post Extraction Solution
  2. Apply peel
    • Congested: PowerClear (1-2 layers)
    • PIH: PowerClear + UltraBright – layer
    • Inflamed: Exfoliant Accelerator 35 (No need to use One Step Prep or Neutralizing Solution. Follow regular application and removal of Exfoliant Accelerator 35 with Double Cleanse if using this option.)
  3. Apply Neutralizing Solution after Pro Power Peel and remove as directed.

deep treatment

  1. Apply skin specific professional serum
  2. Apply professional masque for skin concern
    • Congested: Niacinamide IonActive Serum + Conductive Masque Base
    • Inflamed: Niacinamide IonActive Serum + Clinical Oatmeal Masque
  • Modality Options:
    • Electrical tools: Microcurrent for specific iontophoresis, ultrasonic on penetration mode, or galvanic iontophoresis. Blue Light LED maybe used over only clear masques and serums.
    • Non-electrical tools: Metal or stone rollers, cool marble stones, globes or peltier

dermal layering

  1. Spritz a skin specific toner
  2. Apply eye treatment
  3. Apply professional serum
  4. Apply skin specific moisturizer followed by Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30
    • Congested: Multi-Active Toner + Niacinamide IonActive Serum + Active Moist
    • Inflamed: Multi-Active Toner + Niacinamide IonActive Serum + Calm Water Gel

touch therapy

For maximum effect, this Touch Therapy is best performed post Dermal Layering.

  1. Dispense 1 drop of Soothing Additive to hands or wrists to enhance sensorial experience.
  2. Perform Lymphatic Clearing Touch Therapy.

pro clear treatment chart

Click to download: PRO Clear Treatment Chart