pro pen

skin condition

Normal to mature or prematurely-aging skin.


A unique tool that offers microneedling and nanoinfusion options. Multiple cartridges offer customization options. Pair it with a professional serum to deliver visible results.


Pro Pen is only available in the U.S.
Pro pen

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microneedling and nanoinfusion

microneedling and nanoinfusion

  1. Choose cartridge, professional serum or exfoliant, needle or nano tip, depth and stitch frequency depending on targeted concern.
  2. Apply skin-specific professional serum or exfoliant.
  3. Perform the microneedling or nanoinfusion technique.
  4. Remove serum or exfoliant with a damp esthetic wipe and remove exfoliants with a double cleanse.
  5. Prescribe home care to achieve best results.

4 cartridge options allow for customization for every client


9 stainless-steel needles on square plate (5x5mm). This provides the most advanced type of treatment the device offers for exfoliation, as well as smoother and firmer skin.


24 stainless-steel needles tightly stacked together on a round plate (7.93mm diameter). This delivers a slightly stronger exfoliation and smoother skin.

Nano Metal

Fine cones on a stainless-steel plate (5x5mm metal). The larger plate helps cover larger areas. It is designed for a slightly stronger exfoliation and helps with skin luminosity.

Nano Silicon

Fine cones on small silicon plate (2.87×2.87mm). Very gentle, it is designed to delicately exfoliate when skin is somewhat sensitive.